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General Info

If you'd like to contact the league about joining or to generally shoot the poop, the OBBL Mailing List is your best bet. We use the mailing list as our primary form of communication between league members. Drop on by and say hi.


The Oakland Blood Bowl League was formed in early 2002 by a group of coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. These were mainly culled from an earlier, failed attempt at starting a league in the East Bay. Following the premature collapse of this first league, Alex Ward stepped forward and launched the Oakland Blood Bowl League. Shortly after the reins were handed to Justin Judd, who acted as commisioner and website guru until January of 2006. Justin moved to Austrailia in January of 2006, at which point Jeff Hammond took over as league commisioner.


The OBBL meets at EndGame in Oakland California on Tuesdays at 6:30pm:

You do not have to attend the official league night, but if you can't make it, contact your opponent ASAP to reschedule. The league nights are also the deadlines to play your game for the week.


The league fee is $10. This money will go towards the trophy and prizes for the top four positions of the Tournament at the end of the season. The prizes will be in the form of gift cards to EndGame.


Each season consists of three parts: the Preseason, the Regular Season and the Postseason. There are no extra game weeks between the preseason, regular season and postseason, so any injuries sustained in the last week of preseason, for example, effect the first week in the regular season.


Each season begins with the preseason, whereby all teams that plan to participate in the regular season can play each other in pickup games in an effort to gain valuable experience. If the game is to "count" for the season, it must be clear to both coaches that the game is an official preseason game before the match begins.

Each team is allowed to play four official preseason games. You cannot play against the same team more than once unless there are scheduling issues beyond the control of the coaches that make it difficult or impossible to play four different teams. Coaches are required to make a good faith effort to schedule their games with different opponents. A team can elect to take a BYE week instead of playing a game. During a BYE week, players that must miss their next game recover and can take part in the following game.

The results of a preseason game will affect both teams in the coming season, and must be entered as a game on the website. All rules must be followed and teams can always choose to take a BYE week instead of playing a game.

New teams have the option of starting their team over at the beginning of the regular season. This is a one time option, exclusive to new teams, and allows the coach to change his roster, if desired. This option does not allow you to change the race of your team. If you are unsure of the race you wish to play, schedule some one-off games to test your team. Once you begin playing official preseason games you are committed to playing your chosen race.

Regular Season

If a coach drops out mid-season, ALL of his games are counted as BYEs for the purposes of determining standings (including ones previously played). The other results of previously played games (SPPs, injuries, winnings, etc) do not change. Dropping a coach has a significant effect on the season; please make sure you are committed to completing the season before joining the league.


Each team will be given an overall rank based on the following formula:

( wins + ( draws / 2 ) ) / games )

Ties will be broken by the following:

  1. Head-to-head record (matched between the tied teams only)
  2. Overall TD percentage (TDs for / TDs against)
  3. Head-to-head TD percentage (TDs for / TDs against)
  4. Tie-breaker game

At the end of the season there will be a tournament to decide who will be the league champion. This season, the top four teams (based on the ranking discussed above) will be invited to play in the tournament.

For all rounds of the playoffs, except for the finals, the higher seeded team will get homefiled advantage, a +2 FAME bonus for kickoff table results (only). For the first round the 1st seed will play the 4th seed while the 2nd and 3rd seeds will play each other. The winners of these two games will play each other in the finals. No Star Players are allowed in the playoffs.

  • 1st place: $35 EndGame gift card and the teams gets a Trophy
  • 2nd place: A $25 EndGame gift card
  • 3rd & 4th place: a $15 EndGame gift card

The Trophy provides a benefit to the team in any games that they play as long as they are the defending champions. The trophy entitles it to a special 'Trophy Re-roll' once per match. This re-roll is taken in exactly the same way as a Team Re-roll, except that it may only be used once per match (rather than once per half).

All Star Game

Following the Tournament, we will be holding the All-Star Game. The rules for the All-Star game are TBD.

Rule Changes

No rule will be changed until after the current season is completed. During the preseason, we will hold a meeting to discuss any changes to the league format and set of rules we will be using next season. If anyone has a strong desire to change the league format, house rule or clarification, you can make a motion for a change. If you want to do this, you must state specifically what rule you want to change and how exactly you want to change it. Furthermore, someone must second the motion. Finally, I will create a vote and discussion will commence. All rules changes must be complete before preseason can start.

I want to emphasize a few basic guidelines: I am not interested in changing current rules. We as a league have faith in the BBRC and intend to follow their lead. Most of our house rules are slight modifications or common -sense clarifications. Please don't request a change to a published rule (e.g. new teams, new categories for SPP, etc) unless you really feel that Blood Bowl is deficient in some respect.

House Rules & Clarifications

This season we will be using the Blood Bowl Competition Rules as the official rule set. Any further changes to this document will not be used by our league until next season. We also allow the three "experimental" teams in our league as well.

There are a number of clarifications and a couple of changes we have made to this document. They are presented here in the same order as the modified rules appear in the official rules.


If you make an error during your turn, it is up to your opponent to propose a reasonable resolution. Both coaches should discuss the situation and resolve it as best they can, but your opponent has the final say. Outside opinion can and should be considered as well, if possible.

Skipping "Optional" Dice Rolls

If you skip a dice roll, whether intentionally or not, your opponent has the right to require you to make these rolls. For example, if you skip making an armor roll (say, to save time) your opponent can force you to make the roll. Alternatively, your opponent can choose to ignore the oversight.

Missing Page 5

The official rules left out this page. Get it from a previous version of the rules.

Setting Up The Game (6)

In the event that a team is reduced to zero active players during the game, any kick-offs made by the affected team is automatically considered a touchback. (House Rule)

Each coach has four minutes to set up their team. At the end of four minutes you can choose to take an Illegal Procedure for your first turn and continue setting up your players, or leave them where they are. If it is unclear where your players are on the field, or you have too many players on the field or have set up illegally, you must take the Illegal Procedure for your first turn and rectify the situation. (House Rule)

The Sequence of Play (7)

When the turn time limit is reached a coach's turn ends immediately, even if in the middle of a players action, with the following exception. Anything you did before the timer went off that committed the player to ANY die rolls (or generated pushback results) will be completed normally and then your turn will end. This includes rolling dice, moving into a new square or allowing reactions by your opponent (for interceptions, pass blocks, Dump-offs, etc.). (Clarification)

Rolling for Dauntless and Foul Appearance commit you to a block but rolling for negatraits do not commit you to any further die rolls. (Clarification)

Moving the Turn Marker (7)

We are not using the Illegal Procedure rule. Both coaches are responsible for making sure that the turn marker is moved.(House Rule)

Player Actions (7)

If you do not declare what action a player will take before you move him into a new square it is assumed s/he is taking a Move action. Likewise, if the player throws a block and you roll the dice, s/he is taking a Block action. (Clarification)

You can change your mind on the order of actions as well as the action you will be taking as long as you haven't moved the player at all or rolled any dice. (Clarification)

Once you start an action with a new player (by moving the player into a new square or rolling any dice), the previous player's action is finished. You can't "go back" and move the previous player. (Clarification)

Movement (8)

Once a coach moves a model into a new square (i.e. the player's base touches the square), the player has moved. The coach cannot take the move back. Any rolls resulting from the move must be taken (e.g. Dodge rolls). If the move is impossible for the player, the player must be moved back to the last legal square. Note that this includes moving players from the opposing team as well (e.g. push-backs). (House Rule)

Winning The Match (15)

If the score is tied at the end of the second period overtime is played to break the tie, unless both coaches agree to end the game without playing overtime. Since overtime is usually expected, if you can't play overtime it is best to let your opponent know before the match starts. If the score is still tied at the end of overtime, the game is a draw. For playoff games, 8 turn overtime periods are played with teams taking turns kicking off until there is a winner. (House Rule)

Assisting A Block (21)

We will use the following House Rule to resolve blocking disputes: Assists are not optional; you are required to take them if they are available. The attacker is required to declare the blocker, the blockee(s), number of dice and only when the dice are rolled are you committed to the block. If the attacker miscalculates the number of dice, the defender has the option to force a reroll with the correct number of dice. If the attacker takes extra time to get input/consent from the defender and they agree on the number of dice they can't change it once the dice are thrown. (House Rule)

Starting The League (24)

This section is not relevant to the OBBL. We have our own set of league rules, which can be found here.

Pre-Match Sequence (28)

Final rosters are exchanged before the roll on the weather table is made.

Inducements (28)

Special play cards have been added to the list of inducements. (Optional official rule selection)

Each coach may take a free 50K special play card just after the standard inducements are taken. This card is drawn at random from all the remaining 50K cards of the deck rather than a chosen suit. The number and type of free special play cards chosen can be changed if both coaches agree beforehand.(House Rule)

All Inducements, except Star Players, are allowed in the Tournament. (House Rule)

Post-Match Sequence (28)

All games must be entered into the web site promptly once the game has been completed. This includes post match sequence steps 2.1 - 2.4 as well as recording all serious injuries and SPPs gained. You are also required to modify your roster with any manual changes you made prior to the game. You are free to make any additional changes to your roster on the web site whenever you like, but your roster becomes official 24 hours before the match starts. You are permitted to make up to 4 manual changes to your official roster before you exchange rosters with your opponent at the game. Allowable manual changes are:

  • Purchase a player
  • Cut a player
  • Hire a Journeyman
  • Purchase an Apothecary
  • Change the number of cheerleaders on your team
  • Change the number of rerolls on your team

Once all roster changes are complete, adjust your team value. (House Rule)

If you have unresolved improvement rolls the value of the player(s) effected must be increased by the amount of the best improvement possible with the unresolved rolls. This does not count as a manual change. (Clarification)

A player who is missing the game due to injury does not count as being on the roster. He will not count against the team or positional limits for the game. (Clarification)

Tournaments (29)

Our version of the Tournament is different from that described in the PBBL rules. Our Tournament rules can be found in the "Tournament" section further up this page.

Dump-Off (44)

It is the responsibility of the active coach to give the player with dump-off a chance to use the skill. (Clarification)

Pass Block (46)

A turnover event during a Pass Block move does not disallow other players from making their Pass Block moves. For example, if my first Pass Blocker fails a Dodge roll and falls over, I can continue to take Pass Block moves with other players. (Clarification)

Pro (46)

Pro can be used to re-roll a dice roll made by the player in the opponent's turn as well as your own (e.g. Interception attempts). (Clarification)

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