Current Standings

Rank Team Record
1 Poetry in Motion 1-0
2 Stinkies 1-1
2 Agents of HYDRA 1-1
4 The 4 Horsemen 0-1

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No upcoming games

Late 2013 Tournament/Early 2014 Preseason Teams

Team Coach Race
Agents of HYDRA Kris Mac Lennan Dark Elf
Poetry in Motion Jeff Hammond Lizardman
Stinkies Cole Filipek Nurgle
The 4 Horsemen Brian Francis Chaos

Late 2013 Tournament/Early 2014 Preseason Games

November 12, 2013 Agents of HYDRA The 4 Horsemen [view]
November 19, 2013 Stinkies Agents of HYDRA [view]
November 25, 2013 Poetry in Motion Stinkies [view]

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